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JExplorer 2.5 Release Notes

posted Apr 29, 2011, 2:57 AM by Unknown user

New Features:

  • Added Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 support;
  • Added ability to configure Compatibility Mode;
  • Added the NavigationEventListener.onRefresh event.

Resolved Issues:

  • It's possible to get the "class" attribute value from HTMLElement now;
  • Browser component does not crash when a child browser window is disposed;
  • Browser component does not crash when a web page with Java Applet is loaded on Windows 7;
  • Dead lock does not occur when Browser component is used in JIDE docking window;
  • HTML modal dialog support is restored;
  • Fixed issue when mouse listener doesn't work after second invocation of the Browser.setContent method;
  • The NavigationEventListener.entireDocumentCompleted event is invoked when PDF document is loaded;
  • Fixed issue when popup child windows could not be opened;
  • Fixed issue when popup child window's size doesn't match the one from JS function;
  • The Browser.close method now fires 'onUnload' event;
  • The DOM Mouse event X and Y coordinates are now relative to the Browser component location.

The minimum supported JDK version now is 5.