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JExplorer 2.3 Release Notes

posted Nov 1, 2010, 8:00 AM by Unknown user

New Features:

  • Added support of ContextMenuProviderExt interface that allows receiving notifications when popup menu is required;
  • Added NewWindowEventHandlerExt2 that allows receiving information (url, target name, features) about popup window before it is opened;
  • Added DisposeListener for receiving events when WebBrowser is disposed.




Resolved Issues:

  • 'Call is rejected by Callee' error on print or preview of a page;
  • 'Call is rejected by Callee' error on launching Find (Ctrl+F);
  • WebBrowser.setContent() method fails when PDF document is already loaded;
  • Document returns wrong maximum scroll values after setting "zoom" property;
  • Cannot open Gmail and Google Reader applications in JExplorer;
  • Several HTMLDialog can't be opened in sequence;
  • java.awt.Robot prevents closing WebBrowser instance;
  • Page content isn't resized correctly;
  • The BrowserWindowListener.onWindowResize event doesn't get fired when browser is resized from JavaScript;
  • JVM doesn't exit when the DefaultCloseOperation for JFrame is set to DISPOSE_ON_CLOSE;
  • HttpSecurityHandler doesn't work on Internet Explorer 6;
  • Handling AuthenticationHandler.onAuthenticate() on Vista generates access-violation error;
  • Browser.getScreenShot() returns cropped image;
  • Browser component steals focus when web page is loaded or refreshed;
  • Browser.getCookies and Browser.setCookies methods don't work with session cookies;
  • Java crashes on Browser.close().