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JExplorer 2.2 Release Notes

posted Nov 1, 2010, 7:59 AM by Unknown user

New Features:

  • Added functionality that allows processing any HTTP security problems such as "Invalid Certificate error", "Invalid Certificate Name", "Invalid Certificate Date", "Moving from a non-SSL to an SSL connection" and other (sample)
  • Added the HtmlDialogListener that allows receiving events when the HTML modal dialog is opened through window.showModalDialog and window.showModelessDialog JavaScript functions (sample)



  • The OnBeforeUnload event is not fired in JExplorer when the browser is closing
  • Added the "Button number" property support in the EventObject class
  • Now each WebBrowser instance is running in JExplorer32.exe process instead of rundll32.exe


Resolved Issues:

  • Adding and removing Browser component into JPanel caused blinking
  • It was possible to use WebBrowser instance even after disposing it using window.close JavaScript function
  • Two IEAutomation instances were open instead of a single one on Windows Vista with Internet Explorer 7
  • Opening the web page caused unexpected JavaScript error
  • By default it was impossible to set the WebBrowser instance as a target window
  • There was Stack overflow / Out of memory JavaScript error in Ajax applications
  • It was impossible to resize the Browser component embedded in JSplitPane
  • Flash Player 10 didn't work
  • The "Can't find bundle for base name" error occured when invoke the HTMLElement.setBorder method
  • Selecting multiple options in drop down box caused repainting issue (blank drop down box)