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JExplorer 2.0 Release Notes

posted Nov 1, 2010, 7:58 AM by Unknown user

New Features:

  • Now each WebBrowser instance is running in a separate native process
  • Added the WebBrowser.getContent(boolean) method that allows receiving original HTML or the actual HTML of a currently loaded document
  • Added the HTMLDocument.getCharset() method that allows receiving charset for the HTML document


  • Improved the WebBrowser.setContent() method, so now it doesn't require enabling JavaScript and it fires the NavigationEventListener.entireDocumentCompleted event when the new content is loaded completely into the WebBrowser document
  • Improved memory management. Now the memory required for work of the WebBrowser is allocated in a separate native process and does not dramatically affect Java application process.


  • Fixed the problem with capturing web page
  • Fixed the issue with Print and PrintPreview functionality
  • Fixed the issue with KeyFilter functionality
  • Fixed the issue when the Browser.setEnable() method causes an error
  • Fixed the issue when the WebBrowser.getScreenshot() method doesn't work with 16-bit color depth mode
  • Fixed the issue when Java Applets fail if they are loaded to JExplorer browser
  • Fixed the issue when the 'Call was Rejected By Callee' and 'The requested resource is in use' errors occur on WebBrowser.navigate() method
  • Fixed the issue when the Browser component that placed on JInternalFrame cannot be activated using mouse properly under JDK 6.0
  • Fixed the issue when the WebBrowser.setContent() method throws 'Access is denied' error