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JExplorer 1.9 Release Notes

posted Nov 1, 2010, 7:57 AM by Unknown user
New Features:
  • Added the ability to clear the Internet Explorer browser cache (temporary files, URL history or cookies). See the method.
  • Added functionality allowing maintaining global and current process proxy settings, including the ability to set Proxy URL exceptions.
    See the class.
  • Added the CookieManager class for working with existing browser cookies.
  • Added support for the Node.isEqualNode() method.
  • Added the feature for setting an IWebBrowser2 instance to the IEAutomation control.

  • Added the ability to keep main thread execution until any IEAutomation instance is alive.
  • Added escaping control chars in a JavaScript string during the WebBrowser.executeScript() method execution.

  • Fixed the issue where pressing of the Alt+F6 key combination makes the Browser component hang for some time.
  • Fixed the issue where the HTML body element becomes non-scrollable if the page uses <!DOCTYPE> directive.
  • Fixed the issue where an occasional exception occurs when the Browser.getScreenShot() method is called.
  • Fixed the issue where during destroying of the component, the application hangs.
  • Fixed the issue with distribution of key actions (backspace, Alt + → or Alt + ←) on several Browser components at the same time.
  • Fixed the issue where JExplorer freezes if the user navigates to the page.
  • Fixed the issue where it is impossible to disable Java applets and Running ActiveX control (in Windows Vista).
  • Fixed the issue where the IAutomation.executeScript method doesn't work.
  • Fixed the issue where the pop-up dialogs are opened using a target open behind the active window.
  • Fixed the issue where the IEAutomation.waitReady() method hangs if the Internet Explorer instance is closed.
  • Fixed the issue where the 'RPC server is unavailable' error occurs if the IEAutomation instance is closed.
  • Fixed the internal issue: License guard system still uses "Cp1252" charset, instead of "UTF-8".
  • Fixed the issue where a program that creates a HeadlessBrowser instance does not terminate.

  • Web page thumbnail is displayed in a tooltip for each tab.
  • Added the "Proxy Settings" dialog for configuring proxy settings.
  • Display of the site's favorite icon on tabs near the page title.
  • Fixed problem with Ctrl+T not opening a new tab if focus is inside the page

  • Added ClearCacheSample.
  • Added UpdateProxySettingsSample that shows how to change global and process proxy settings.
  • Added CookieManagerSample that demonstrates how to use the CookieManager class.
  • Added the chapter 'Working with Proxy Settings' in JExplorer Programmer's Guide.
  • Added information about using JExplorer in applets in JExplorer Programmer's Guide.