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JExplorer 1.9.1 Release Notes

posted Nov 1, 2010, 7:58 AM by Unknown user

New Features:

  • Added new BrowserWindowListener listener to the Browser class that allows receiving events such as onWindowResizeonWindowResizableonFullScreen and onVisible.
  • Added ability to get all input parameters for pop-up window according to the parameters in the JavaScript function.



  • ContextMenuProvider class enables to receive the original HTML element on right click action.
  • The Cookie class is made serializable.



  • Fixed the issue when opening a new pop-up window causes displaying two pop-up windows.
  • Fixed the issue when the CookieManager.setCookie() method causes LastErrorException.
  • Fixed the issue when silent mode doesn't work for Alert and Confirmation JavaScript dialog boxes.
  • Fixed the issue when the WebBrowser.waitReady() method causes NullPointerException exception in some cases.
  • Fixed the issue when JExplorer fails on the pages with GWT/AJAX components.
  • Fixed the issue with a memory leak in Browser.getScreenShot() method.
  • Fixed the issue when IEApplicationEventListener.onQuit() event is not fired on Internet Explorer instance closing.
  • Fixed the issue when Browser component had been shown outside of application window.



  • Set the limit for tab width in JExplorer Demo.
  • Fixed the issue with NullPointerException exception when closing a tab in JExplorer Demo.
  • Fixed the issue when tab caption in JExplorer Demo is outside the limits.
  • Fixed the issues with ClassCastException exception occurs in JExplorer Demo when clicking on the Evaluate Now button.



  • Added PopupWindowSample example that shows how to configure pop-up window according to the parameters that were passed into JavaScript function.
  • Added the chapter Pop-up windows Management in JExplorer Programmer's Guide.