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JExplorer 1.8 Release Notes

posted Nov 1, 2010, 7:57 AM by Unknown user
New Features:
  • Added the InternetFeatures class the Browser component that provides the ability to block popups, enable or disable a native XMLHttpRequest object and more.
  • Added the ability to get a screen shot for the HeadlessBrowser component.
  • Added processing of the mouse (keyboard) focus event for the Browser component.
  • Set the child window title to its document title.

  • Added new settings to the WebBrowser.Properties class.
  • Added the Expires, LastUpdated and LastVisited time (in milliseconds) to the BrowserHistory.Entry class.
  • Implemented the MouseEventImpl.initEvent() method.

  • Fixed the issue with memory leaks on form submission.
  • Fixed the issue where clicking F5 causes deadlock in Internet Explorer 7.0.
  • Fixed the issue where the Browser.getContent() method causes memory leaks.
  • Fixed the issue where a parent window is listening to backspace key events of a child window.
  • Fixed the issue where the Browser.stop() method doesn't notify Browser.waitReady() of the page download completion.
  • Fixed the exception that occurs when calling several browser.executeScript() methods that should return the IDispatch value.
  • Fixed the issue where the Internet Explorer window handle is lost (Windows 2000).
  • Fixed StackOverflowError that occurs when the Browser.addNotify() method is called iteratively.
  • Fixed the exception that occurs when removing the Browser component during a navigation operation.
  • Fixed the issue where JExplorer loses focus after hiding an alert message box.
  • Fixed a JavaScript error when a new window of the default size is opened despite the preset size.
  • Fixed the issue where the HeadlessBrowser.getScreenShot(true) method increases the result image size.
  • Fixed the issue where the browser blinks when moving the cursor to the link on a web page.