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JExplorer 1.6 Release Notes

posted Nov 1, 2010, 7:56 AM by Unknown user
Changes since version 1.5:
  • Added the ability to specify 'TargetFrameName' parameter in the WebBrowser.navigate() method.
  • Added the ability to suppress "Internet Explorer Script Error" dialog and use DialogEventHandler instead.
  • Added support of XP style for the Browser component, so all native controls will have XP L&F.
  • Extended KeyFilter class to enable filtering of system keys such as Left, Right and so on.
  • Provided support for DWebBrowserEvents::newWindow3 events.
  • Added the ability to check whether the version of Internet Explorer is supported.
  • Added submit/reset functionality to HTMLFormElement.
  • Added the ability to set custom AWT cursors in the Browser component.
  • Added a special event to NavigationEventListener. It fires only when the whole HTML document is loaded.
  • Added the mainDocumentComplete event when the document is loaded to the main browser.


  • Fixed memory leaks.
  • Fixed the problem with closing a Swing menu when clicking on the WebBrowser component.
  • Fixed DisableDownload functionality. Now if the beforeFileDownload() method (of the WebBrowserEventsHandler interface) returns false, downloads are disabled and vice versa.
  • Fixed the problem with HTC files remaining locked when WebBrowser is closed.
  • Fixed the problem in WebBrowser.navigate(String location, String postData) method.
  • Fixed incorrect handling of navigation events in popup windows.
  • Fixed the problem with WebBrowser.setSilet(boolean) method.
  • Fixed the problem with closing the browser that contains an XML document.
  • Fixed access violations after loading a corrupted XML page.
  • Fixed the problem with the custom KeyFilters assigned to WebBrowser.
  • Fixed the problem when ComboBox drop-down list immediately hides, after click on it
  • If <SELECT> contains <OPTGROUP> elements, E_INVALIDARG is thrown on attempt to select an option.
  • Fixed implementation of the Cookie.create() method.
  • Fixed the problem with multiple calls of the browser.getContent() method resulting in access violation.

JExplorer Demo:

  • Fixed the problem with failing to open a child window in the demo.
  • Fixed the deadlock problem with closing child windows in the browser.
  • Fixed the problem with closing child popup windows in the demo.