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JExplorer 1.4 Release Notes

posted Nov 1, 2010, 7:55 AM by Unknown user

Changes since version 1.3:

  • Improved memory management in browser implementation; now its method close() correctly frees native resources;
  • Added special ability (which is disabled in browsers for security reasons by default) that allows to select a file to the file input controls; for this purpose we have added new inputFileName method to the Robot class;
  • Improved the performance of the DomFactory functionality;
  • Improved the performance of all DOM wrappers;
  • Improved the performance of waitReady() method;
  • Added ability to filter/handle keyboard events, using new KeyFilter functionality;
  • Introduced new combined jexplorer-pro-[version].jar library (for Professional version), which consists of two JNIWrapper and JExplorer libraries;


  • Fixed problem in method, which caused hanging sometimes;
  • Fixed problem in handling of keyboard navigation events, such as Alt+LEFTAlt+RIGHT etc.;
  • Documented all not implement yet methods in DOM wrappers;
  • Implemented getPrefix() and getNamespaceURI() methods of Element interface;
  • Fixed problem in waitChildCreation() method;
  • ScriptErrorEvent now correctly returns a line number;
  • Fixed handling of the result of the WebBrowserEventsHandler.beforeNavigate method;
  • Various updates and fixes in demo and samples;