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JExplorer 1.2 Release Notes

posted Nov 1, 2010, 7:54 AM by Unknown user

Changes since version 1.0:

  • Added Forms API, which improves the accessing to the FORM controls;
  • Added the disabling/enabling of the alert, confirmation and error dialogs through WebBrowser.setSilent() call;
  • Each browser component now works in its own thread;
  • Added StatusCode object for retrieving error codes and error messages;
  • Add the ability to setup attribute values with case sensitive/insensitive names in the HTMLElement class;
  • Deprecated DomRobot class. All the functionality of this obsolete class were moved to appropriate HTML element wrapper class;
  • Added API differences with previous version;
  • Added documentation for all packages;
  • Added new samples for JExplorer;
  • Version numbering is added in MANIFEST.MF file of the library JAR;


  • Solved the problem with the disabling of Explorer context menu;
  • Fixed COM E_FAIL exception when calling Browser.getStatusText();
  • Solved the deadlock problem in the WebBrowser.waitReady() method;
  • Fixed processing of keyboard navigation events (such as Left/Right/Up/Down) which were not fired in the DOM handlers;