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JExplorer 1.0 Release Notes

posted Nov 1, 2010, 7:54 AM by Unknown user

The JExplorer API was greatly improved and simplified since the last official release. The list of improvements and changes is shown below.

Changes since Beta 3:

  • Listening the browser navigation events, such as downloadBegindownloadCompletedprogressChanged, etc., using a NavigationEventListener listener(s);
  • Listening the browser status events, such as statusTextChangedtitleChanged, etc., using a StatusEventListener listener(s);
  • Handling the browser events, such as beforeNavigatenewWindowwindowClosing, etc., using a WebBrowserEventsHandler handler;
  • Getting and setting HTML content with the WebBrowser.getContent and WebBrowser.setContent methods accordingly;
  • Executing a Java script, using the WebBrowser.executeScript method and handling script errors, using a ScriptErrorListener listener;
  • Creating the context-dependent Java menus in the Browser component, using the ContextMenuProvider;
  • Disabling browser error dialogs, using the WebBrowser.setSilent method;
  • The DomRobot was also greatly improved: added methods for simulating user actions, such as click and mouseOver; added ability to produce various DOM events; added various methods for decoration elements;
  • Greatly improved the implementation of the WebBrowser.waitReady method;
  • Improved speed of DOM wrappers.


  • class a number of fixes in multiple classes were made improving stability of the Browser component and DOM wrappers.


Also new JExplorer API is described in the documentation and shown in various samples