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JExplorer 2.7 Release Notes

posted Feb 28, 2013, 11:59 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Mar 1, 2013, 12:01 AM ]

New features and improvements:

  • Added JDK 1.7 support;
  • Added Windows 8 and MS IE 10 support;
  • Added JNIWrapper 3.8.4 and ComfyJ 2.10 support;
  • Added functionality that allows setting the the "Display mixed content" security setting programmatically. See the value) method;
  • DOM API: added support of the HTMLIFrameElement.getContentDocument() method;
  • DOM API: added support of the HTMLIFrameElement.getFrameBorder() method;
  • Added the DOMUtils.getInnerHTML(Element element) method;
  • Added the Browser.navigate(String location, String targetName, String postData, String headers) method. Now this method allows sending the required HTTP headers to a web server;
  • Improved clear cache functionality;
  • Added the Browser.getScreenShot(Dimension preferredSize) method;
  • The Browser component key event codes were brought to the standard Java AWT key codes;
  • Improved memory usage in the Browser.getScreenShot() method with JVM 32-bit;
  • Added the "" System Property. By default each Browser instance is running in a separate native process. This property allows configuring the name of this native process.

Resolved Issues:

  • Fixed issue when Browser component becomes invisible when WebEx meeting start or stop;
  • Fixed issue when child window is opened behind parent window;
  • Improved stability when set content in a child Browser instance on Windows 7 + MS IE9;
  • Improved memory usage in Mouse & Keyboard functionality;
  • Fixed issue when the Browser.setContent method throws OutOfMemory;
  • Fixed issue when child window doesn't receive re-size events;
  • Fixed issue when key listener doesn't receive ALT key events;
  • Fixed REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG when close IEAutomation instance;
  • Fixed issue when user must double click on a link to navigate. This issue happens when Browser component doesn’t have focus on Windows 64-bit + JVM 64-bit;
  • Fixed JNIWrapperException: Access is denied when initialize Browser instance;
  • Fixed issue when JavaScript modal dialogs cause application to hang with JVM 32- and 64-bit;
  • Fixed issue when Browser hangs when closing window that produces JavaScript error;
  • Fixed unexpected NullPointerException in Structure.clone with JVM 64-bit;
  • Fixed issue when user cannot dispose Browser instance when PDF document is loaded;
  • Fixed issue when double click on a web page blocks keyboard and mouse events with JDK 1.7;
  • Fixed focus issue with multiple Browser instances with JVM 64-bit;
  • Fixed issue when the Browser.close() method ignores confirmation dialog result;
  • Fixed issue when Browser component doesn't work in modal dialogs.